From the collection 1960s Roller Derby Skate Board Kit NOS in box
From the collection 1960s Surfboards by Phil Downey California
From the collection 2013 Inductee Rodney Mullen Mid 80s Powell-Peralta NOS Freestyle deck in mint condition
Hackett's Alva Litebeam
A set of Mid 1970s NOS Jay Adams Design ZFlex decks

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The Skateboarding Hall of Fame is a co-production of the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame and the International Association of Skateboard companies (IASC). The Skateboarding Hall of Fame is located in Simi Valley, CA. The first Skateboarding Hall of Fame event was held in 2009 to honor the passion and dedication of professional skateboarders throughout […]

Mid 70s Hobie Sundancer