2016 – Cindy Whitehead

2016 Inductees

Cindy Whitehead began skateboarding at 15, and by age 17, she had turned pro and become one of the top-ranked female skateboarders for vertical terrain nationwide in the 1970’s.


She did so at a time when it was nearly unheard of for girls to take up the “dangerous” new activity, and even less likely that they would choose pools and vert over freestyle or slalom. Retiring from her pro skating career at the young age of 22, Cindy remains the only female participant to be featured in a two-page magazine article plus a center spread, in addition to being the only women to ride for Puma.

After searching for a new career—one that would fuse the athletic excitement of pro skating with her love for adventure—Cindy essentially created her own job description, reinventing herself and coining the term “Sports Stylist”. In the years since, she has worked with athletes such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Mia Hamm, and Peyton Manning and developed a reputation as one of the world’s leaders in her trade. Still finding time to hop on her skateboard, in 2012 Cindy generated headlines by skating down the closed off 405 freeway in Los Angeles. In 2013 she collaborated with Dwindle’s Dusters California Skateboards for the brand she created “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” aimed at the female market. The GN4LW brand gives back to women in action sports with every collab that they do. And in 2014 she gave a TED talk detailing her journey through skateboarding. Cindy currently resides in Hermosa Beach, CA with her husband Ian Logan.

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