2016 – Ed Templeton

2016 Inductees

Ed Templeton was born July 28, 1972 and raised in Orange County, California. He has easily been one of the most influential pros of the past three decades based not only on his trick innovations, artistic output, and photography but also via his helm at the company Toy Machine.


In 1985, Ed saw a stranger ollie up a curb and started skateboarding. In 1987, he and some friends followed Mark Gonzales home to his house and watched him skate a quarter-pipe. Ed was hooked. Ed Templeton and his friend Jason Lee would adopt tricks they saw freestylers doing at the pier and take them down stairs and onto benches. Jason became known for his 360 flips and Ed ran with the impossible.

After stints with Circle-A, where he shot the first photo of a 50-50 on a handrail ever for his first ad—then Schmitt Stix, Ed Templeton turned pro for Schmitt Stix’s reboot called The New Deal in 1990. Going on to win a string of World Championships—including Munster, Germany, 1991, Barcelona NSA 1991, Antwerp Nike Air Attack 1993, and in 1995, Ed became the first ever World Cup Skateboarding Street Champion. In 1992, Ed launched his own company with Mike Vallely called TV. After the departure of Vallely, Ed launched Toy Machine skateboards in 1993.

Collectors of Ed Templeton’s artwork include Demi Moore, John Waters, Neil Patrick Harris, and Judd Apatow. On Nov. 3, 2012, Ed shattered his tibia and fibula at an Emerica demo in East LA. He hasn’t felt 100% since, although he just got back on his board in January 2016. Ed Templeton has influenced an entire generation with his style, innovation, and creativity. Here’s to you Ed.

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