2016 – Ellen Berryman

2016 Inductees

Raised in Encinitas, CA, not far from the legendary La Costa hills, Ellen picked up a skateboard in 1975 when her sister took her to check out the smooth downhill paradise at La Costa and the skate scene there.


Learning to ride on the wide-open streets of the half-completed housing development Ellen would also meet and become friends with a cross-section of the ‘70s skateboard royalty who sessioned there including Ty Page, Brian, Bruce, Brad, and Robin Logan, Dennis Shufeldt and more.

After only six months on a board, she joined the team at Bahne, placed 2nd at a contest in San Diego before winning her first contest outright in Arizona a few weeks later. Riding the crest of the urethane wheels explosion and resulting industry boom Ellen used her gymnastics background to become one of the leading female pioneers for freestyle. At 16, she got a “Who’s Hot” In Skateboarder. Her signature tricks were handstand variations few other girls could pull off along with meticulous attention to her choreography. Ellen took 1st place in Women’s Freestyle at the 1976 and 1977 California Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championships at the Long Beach Arena.

Having traveled the country performing in front of huge crowds, including skating with Jethro Tull in front of 60,000 onlookers, Ellen would retire from pro skating in 1978 and return to college. Coincidentally, her departure was almost perfectly timed as skateboarding all but died over the next few years as the skateparks closed. To this day, Ellen still finds time to enjoy skateboarding.

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