2016 ICON Award – Powell-Peralta

2016 Inductees

We started our skateboard business in 1977 with the idea that we could build a better skateboard and a better wheel then was currently on the market.


Since that time, hundreds of skateboard companies have come and gone, here today and gone tomorrow, and yet we’re still here doing the same thing we began doing 40 years ago; waking up every morning trying to build a better board, a better wheel, a better bearing and trying to give something back to skateboarding because it’s given so much to us.

When we started we weren’t just building Powell-Peralta, we were one of the few fortunate companies that came of age as skateboarding itself was coming of age. As we built our business we were also helping to build the entire skateboard industry from the ground up; we were there during the backyard-ramp revolution, we kicked off the action sports video revolution with the Bones Brigade video show, we had the great fortune to work with and develop the greatest innovative and competitive team in skateboarding history, The Bones Brigade – a team which can take credit for inventing all forms of the Ollie, the 540, and the 720 to name but a few, and then we were there to help mid-wife the street skating revolution.

It’s been a great experience with many dramatic changes and unforeseen surprises but to this day it continues to be a great ride for us. George Powell and Stacy Peralta thank all of you for sharing and being a part of this history.

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