2018 – Allen Losi

2018 Inductees

Allen Losi was born in 1965 in Sylmar, California. He grew up in Rialto riding motorcycles and playing all sports. At age 8, his best friend got a Black Knight skateboard that they both loved. His friend died of leukemia the next year, and Allen has continued skating ever since.


His first sponsors were Skater Crater Skatepark in San Bernardino and then Ranch Skatepark in Colton. When those facilities closed, he moved to the Del Mar Skatepark. He was known as one of the first technical skaters, but he developed into a power skater as he matured. His mentors were Eric Grisham, Eddie Elguera, and Freddie DeSota, and he always felt like he was raised by skateboarding.
Allen’s family owned Variflex and Team Losi skateboards. Allen lived the contest life throughout the 80s and skated some of the best sessions in the world. In 1991 he suffered a badly broken wrist in Germany and never regained full strength.
In 2012 he was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and in 2014 he had major back surgery that left him unable to walk for 30 months. During his recovery Allen took up guitar and now plays in the bands “One Less Zero” and “One Fight.”

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