2018 – Judi Oyama

2018 Inductees

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, like many skaters Judi Oyama started on her driveway at age 13 on a homemade board her brother made in wood shop. A few years later, she entered her first slalom comp and promptly crashed, but she kept racing – bloody elbow pad, bandages and all.


Within a few months, she was training with World Champion John Hutson. She was the only female competitor at the inaugural Capitola Classic in 1977, and she finished eighth. The next year she finished mid-pack, even beating Duane Peters and Tony Alva. The night before that 1978 race, Alva was at NHS and asked where he could practice.
“We went to a remote winding patch of clean NorCal roadway and shot the entire 3-mile run from the very top,” Judi recalls. “Near the bottom, TA looked over his shoulder and was surprised that I was right on his tail. He flashed me a grinning nod of approval. That moment has kept me racing to this day.”
Judi didn’t realize then that she was pushing boundaries as one of the few women racing downhill or riding skateparks. There weren’t many female skaters in NorCal at the time, but fortunately the NHS team had plenty of male riders to keep her company on the hills and in the parks.
Her best race was her most recent one: The N-Men hosted a Super GS Downhill in Nevada City, drawing downhillers, vert riders and veteran slalom guns. Judi crossed the line at 35 mph after a 44-second descent. Her response: “It feels pretty effing good to be charging at 58!”
Judi runs her own graphic design company and is married to cyclocross racer Greg Foy. They have two boys, Taylor and Ryan, and they live in Aptos, a small town near Santa Cruz.

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