2018 – Tommy Ryan

2018 Inductees

Tommy Ryan skated from 1957 to yesterday. During his 61 years as a skateboarder, he has appeared in newspapers, magazines, movies, and television; developed product; traveled far and wide; and competed as part of a pro slalom race team.


In the 1960s Tommy appeared in Surfer’s Illustrated, the San Diego Union Tribune, a Life Magazine photo article, the movie “Gidget Goes Hawaiian,” and the Bob Dale and Regis Philbin TV shows. He competed at Anaheim and promoted the Continental Surf Skater and G&S.
In the 1970s he appeared in the movie “Freewheelin’,” the National Skateboard Review, Skateboard World magazine, and multiple issues of SkateBoarder (including a cover shot).
At the Carlsbad Skatepark, he was resident pro, instructor, and head of the safety patrol. He joined with Bobby Turner to develop the Turner Summer Ski and rode for Turner, Tracker, and Kryptonics (and still does). Tommy always finished among the top three at slalom races. He competed at Signal Hill, Akron (where he was also interviewed on TV by Howard Cosell), and the grand opening of Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville. His favorite race gatherings were Sundays at La Costa and the ARA (Another Roadside Attraction) series in Colorado.

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